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Performance in a Box: All in One Desktop Computers

An all in one computer or AIO combines a monitor with the internal components of a computer, such as a motherboard, CPU, and solid state drive. The result is a complete, user friendly computer in a sleek, low footprint package. All in ones offer a lot of potential advantages including:

  • Plug and play performance with minimal setup
  • Larger screen than a laptop, with a smaller footprint than a traditional desktop
  • Simplifies cable management and workstation cleaning
  • Sleek aesthetic that fits into any modern workplace or home office
  • Typically bundled with mouse, keyboard, and other essentials

Whether it’s office functions or creative pursuits, an all in one desktop will get it done in style.

Choosing The Best All in One Desktop for Your Needs

In most ways, choosing an all in one is similar to choosing any other computer. The one major difference worth noting is that all in ones generally are not optimized for gaming. They typically lack graphics cards, and many don’t allow much customization. Gamers looking for a plug and play gaming desktop PC should check out our prebuilt gaming PCs instead.

With that said, these are some of the most important factors to look for in the specs of an all in one computer:

Windows vs. macOS: Both operating systems offer great options in the AIO market. Apple’s iMac series is perennially popular, but many excellent all in one PCs are available as well, with a wide variety of features and price points.

RAM: Any modern all in one PC will feature 8GB RAM at minimum, but 16GB RAM is an increasingly common requirement for high performance PCs. Truly powerful workstation all in ones may feature as much as 32GB RAM.

Display: First, choose a screen size that is big enough to accommodate whatever you work on. Smaller AIOs are typically in the 23 to 25 inch range, while larger models can be 32 inches or more. Pay attention to resolution too - 1080p Full HD is standard, but 1440p and even 4K displays are increasingly common for those who need great visual fidelity. Finally, some AIOs also include touchscreens for those who like to include them in their workflows.

CPU: You are looking for at least a quad core or six core processor in your AIO. A processor with eight, 10, or 12 cores can offer even better performance if you plan to use demanding apps.

Solid State Drive: Every current AIO includes at least a 256GB solid state hard drive, but some offer 512GB or even a 1TB internal SSD. Additionally, note whether the computer offers expandable slots for adding more memory.

Connectivity and Ports: Check out which types of ports and wireless connectivity an all in one offers. Most people will need USB C and USB A ports at minimum to connect essential peripherals and storage media, along with HDMI and Ethernet connections. Take note of which versions of the Bluetooth and WiFi protocols the computer offers, as these can affect compatibility with your wireless devices.

Browse all of our all in one computers here for the best deals on computers from Apple, HP, Dell, and other top brands. Or, see our full range of desktop computers to learn about more desktop options.

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