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Browse The Best Gaming Keyboards for PC

From FPS gunfighters to MOBA magicians to RTS generals, any kind of PC gamer can probably agree on one thing: While gaming laptops come with a built in keyboard, a gaming keyboard is a must have investment for an enjoyable PC gaming setup. Along with gaming mice and gaming monitors, gaming keyboards are one of the most impactful peripherals for your in game experience. However, everyone will want something a little different from their gaming keyboard, so it is important to look at the many factors that separate one gaming keyboard from another.

Choosing a PC Gaming Keyboard

Membrane vs. Mechanical Switches: Mechanical gaming keyboards are many gamers first choice due to their outstanding keystroke speed and satisfying tactility, as well as the fact that mechanical switches are both more durable and easier to replace. However, membrane gaming keyboards are far from unheard of, and some gamers love their smooth feel.

Wired vs. Wireless Connectivity: Wired keyboards remain common in gaming because they offer the absolute minimum in input latency. However, high quality wireless gaming keyboards have become so fast that many gamers no longer notice the difference. Make sure to consider battery life when browsing wireless gaming keyboards.

Keystroke Feel: Different types of mechanical switches provide different typing experiences, from ultra smooth linear switches to loud, firm clicky switches - which some gamers find more satisfying.

Palm Rest Wrist Rest: Some gamers like having a built in ergonomic rest for their palm or wrist on their keyboard, while others don’t. Many keyboards offer detachable palm rests that you can add or remove at your preference.

Form Factor: Gaming keyboards come in several different sizes. Full size 107 key models come with a complete set of standard keys, which is useful for gamers who want a lot of extra room for binding macro keys. Tenkeyless TKL keyboards eliminate the number pad for a slimmer profile that many shooter players prefer, while 60 percent keyboards - so called because they are just a little over half the size of a normal keyboard - are the smallest of all.

Backlighting: A backlit gaming keyboard is a must have for many gamers to help keep keys visible in low light. RGB lighting, which allows gamers to customize and sync the colors of their lights with other lighting in their setup, is a popular feature.

Key Rollover: Gaming keyboards should be able to register at least six simultaneous key presses - known as six key rollover. High level models for competitive gaming often include n key rollover, which offers an unlimited number of simultaneous keystrokes. This is also known as anti ghosting since it prevents so called ghost keystrokes that don’t register.

Micro Center offers the industry’s most complete range of gaming keyboards from top brands like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, and more. Don’t forget to see our wide variety of prebuilt gaming PCs with gaming friendly specs, or check out our gaming headsets and gaming mice to complete your setup.

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