Drones and Quadcopters

What are drones and quadcopters

Drones and quadcopters are multi-purpose flying vehicles operated via remote control. The world of drones is continually expanding, and Micro Center proudly offers an extensive selection of drone models to cover many facets of this exciting and innovative market!

Drones are great for:

  • Aerial photography
  • Surveying
  • Racing
  • A new hobby for makers
  • And much more!

It's important to note that the significant distinction between drones and quadcopters is the number of propellers used to make the drone fly. Quadcopters are a drone that uses four propellers for propulsion. In contrast, other drones can come with six, eight, or even ten propellers. Quadcopters, however, tend to be the most popular.

Drones come in all shapes, sizes and price categories, making them more accessible than ever for a wide variety of use cases. From beginner-friendly models like the DJI Ryze Tello and DJI Mini 2 to professional tools like the DJI Mavic 3 and DJI Air 2S, drones are quickly earning their place in many people’s lives, whether as a hobby or a professional tool.

Drones with Cameras for Photography

One of the biggest reasons people purchase drones is for aerial photography. Drones can be used to take unique photographs or videos that you just can't capture with regular digital cameras. The best photography drones now feature built-in HD cameras that can capture exceptional detail even from a great height.

In fact, drones create some of the most beautiful aerial photography that cannot be matched by remote control helicopters, planes or even rockets. The unique nature of action camera drones lets them take off and capture crisp images while floating in the air, with exceptional maneuverability that provides far more options for getting the best angle.

Drones are commonly used to record shots for television and movies today. Both hobby and professional photographers use drones with 4k cameras to capture prize-winning images, too. Plus, many drones now include 3-axis gimbal technology, which provides automatic stabilization and correction for the camera angle to compensate for the drone’s movement. Thanks to this tech, it’s never been easier to get a steady and stable shot from your camera drone.

Using Drones for Work

When you’re considering the best drone for your professional application, it’s especially important to think about factors and specs such as minutes of flight time and battery life. Professional-grade drones will offer high-quality batteries that provide long flight times, but it can also be a good idea to purchase extra batteries for longer flying sessions.

Quadcopters as a Hobby

The next biggest reason people typically purchase a drone or quadcopter is for a new hobby. Drones offer a unique experience as a hobbyist, whether you like driving remote control vehicles, are interested in performing acrobatic stunts, racing or are a maker who likes to tinker.

For those who want to explore the competitive and performance potential of racing drones, a first-person view (FPV) drone kit is a great choice. With FPV drones such as the DJI FPV kit, drone operators finally have the chance to experience an “on board” perspective that gives them a drone’s-eye-view, which can provide the precision and obstacle avoidance necessary for racing and stunt flying. However, thanks to the additional functionalities of an FPV drone, professionals can also use them for tasks that require close examination of distant objects.

Find the Best Drone Model for You

Drones and quadcopters come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Whether you want to build your own drone or start with a pre-assembled quadcopter, there is an option for you. Many drones also offer upgrade and modification options that allow them to fly faster or reduce their weight. That makes drones the perfect hobby for people who like to tinker.

Another key area of difference between drones is which flight modes they include. Most include a beginner mode that makes the drone’s responses slower and more forgiving, as well as a standard manual mode and a high-performance acrobatic mode for racing and stunt flying. Additional features can include “Follow Me” mode, in which a drone will automatically follow the flyer’s location, as well as “Return to Home” mode that can help a lost drone get home safely.

Micro Center offers a selection of drones and accessories with tons of great options for hobbyists and pros alike. Browse our drone and quadcopter selection here, or see our help center for expert resources that can help you choose the perfect drone for you!

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