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Replace Your Laptop Screen the Safe and Easy Way

Dealing with cracks, dead or stuck pixels, flickering, or other malfunctions on your laptop screen? Getting a replacement screen has never been so easy. Whether you are using a slim work notebook or a powerful gaming laptop, our screen replacement options will give you a brilliant new view. Micro Center offers hundreds of laptop LCD screens, compatible with an incredibly wide range of models from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, ASUS, Acer, MSI and other top laptop brands.

These new screens are designed to fit your specific laptop model perfectly, so you will never have to worry about incompatible specs or connectors. What is more, we make it incredibly simple to get your laptop screen replaced properly. With Micro Centers laptop screen replacement service, our qualified computer repair professionals will install your new LCD screen and ensure that it functions perfectly.

How to Find the Right Replacement LCD Screen

The first step to a successful laptop screen replacement is to find the right screen model. Although many screens have a basically similar design, it is critically important to choose one built to the laptop manufacturers OEM screen specs. This will ensure that your screen has the right resolution, connector design, touchscreen features, and other key elements. Here are three different ways to determine which LCD display you need:

Find your laptop model number, usually located on a sticker on the bottom panel of your laptop. Simply enter your model number in our search bar at the top of the screen to find replacement LCD screens compatible with your specific model. However, some laptop models may offer multiple screen size and resolution options. Typically, these are not interchangeable, so it is also important to find out the screen size and resolution of your laptop before you make a purchase.

Check the laptops manual for its listed specs. Somewhere in there, you will usually find the laptops screen size and resolution, as well as a list of OEM part numbers that you can use to choose the right screen model.

Remove the bezel from your laptops old LCD panel and find the part number on the label affixed to the back of the panel. This is a last resort for most users, as it requires a lot of care not to damage the laptops bezel, hinges, and video cable in the process.

Laptop Screen Replacement Services from Micro Center

Installing a replacement laptop screen almost always requires disassembling significant parts of the laptop. This is a tricky task for many people, and as just mentioned, it is easy to accidentally damage parts of the screen assembly in the process. That is why we always recommend replacement by a qualified professional.

Micro Centers laptop screen replacement service is fast, convenient, and guaranteed to do it right. Make an appointment with our laptop screen repair professionals today. We offer same day service for many replacement jobs, and our friendly associates can help you choose the right screen if you are not sure which one you need.

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