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  • Beginner: Start making friends and building your streaming brand with our Beginner streaming package. An HD webcam will get you looking good, and our selection of gaming headsets will elevate your audio quality. A high-quality60fpscapture card, compatible with all major streaming software, completes a basic streaming kit for a gamer, artist, or other content creator.
  • Intermediate: Ready to level up your game (or music, art, tutorials, or whatever else you stream)? Join the big kids with our mid-level streaming studio packages. Upgrade to a razor-sharp 1080p webcam, and give yourself a Hollywood-worthy lighting setup with a vlogger ring light. A premier quality microphone and headphones ensure your sound is impeccable, and a stream deck puts the functionality at your fingertips to instantly start, stop, mute, trigger sounds, and more.
  • Pro Streamer: Take control of every aspect of the streaming experience you provide your viewers! Add professional audio effects with a desktop multitrack mixer, capture video and sound in glorious 4k resolution, and create a signature space with accessories like a green screen, gaming chairs, gaming desks, and RGB peripherals.

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