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Stainless Steel-316L Conductive Thread The new NTE P/N: WW-1 is the perfect thread to use when looking to build circuits into your clothing or projects. This thread is 2-ply, a little thicker than every day polyester or cotton thread but still thin enough to be sewn by hand in medium-eye needles or with a sewing machine that can handle 'heavy' thread. Because it is strong and smooth, its ideal for any wearable/e-textile project. It also has low resistivity, 16 ohms per foot so you can use it to drive LEDs and other electronic components that use under ~50mA. Conductive thread can carry current the same way that wires can, which means it can be used to create a circuit. This allows the user to sew a circuit together, creating flexible circuits that require no soldering. In some e-textile-based projects, this is the most practical tool to maintain the hang of the fabric. Educationally, it's a very safe and uncomplicated way to learn how to use embedded electronics. The WW-1 comes wound on a small metal bobbin and contains 23 meters/76 feet. This item is available in Bulk or Packaged format.

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NTE Electronics Stainless Steel-316L Conductive Thread

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