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What is a water cooling kit

Liquid cooling systems use coolant fluids in a closed loop system to cool your PC’s CPU and / or GPU. Water cooling is the most common type of liquid cooling, and all in one (AIO) water cooling kits offer the fastest way to add an efficient liquid cooling system to your PC.

The basic concepts behind an AIO water cooling kit are simple and revolve around three main parts: the coolant pump / reservoir, water block, and radiator.

The pump / reservoir combo holds coolant in its reservoir and then circulates it through the system via a network of connectors and compression fittings.

The CPU water block receives coolant from the pump. It is attached to the top of the CPU and cools it by absorbing the heat that the CPU generates. It then sends the used coolant to the radiator. Typically, all in one systems focus on cooling the CPU rather than the GPU.

The radiator disperses the coolant’s heat through its large surface area, which is covered in tiny fins and cooled by fans. Then, it sends the coolant back to the pump to be recycled.

The water cooling kits you will find here offer all of these components in a single, easy package. Together, each one provides a quiet and extremely efficient way to cool your CPU.

All in one water cooling performance

AIO kits come preassembled, are easy to install, and offer a variety of control options through their included software. They are ideal for PC builders getting started with liquid cooling, or for seasoned pros who want an efficient and cost effective liquid cooling kit.

Water cooling kits also have another important appeal for many gamers: they look really cool, and they sound really quiet! Many AIO kits come equipped with state of the art, highly customizable RGB lighting systems that can offer a huge range of colors and effects, adding a cool ambiance to your gaming PC setup. Water cooling is also a favorite of gamers who want a quieter alternative to the potentially high volume level of air cooling fans.

Browse our whole selection of PC water cooling kits here. Micro Center’s lineup of AIO coolers features models from top brands like Corsair, MSI, and Thermaltake, plus socket compatibility for a huge variety of CPUs from both AMD and Intel. Looking to build a custom liquid cooling system? Check out our water cooling accessories for all of your DIY needs — from tubing to GPU water blocks.

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