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Find The Best Camera from Micro Center

Looking for pro quality DSLR cameras? Check out our selection of Digital SLR cameras here.

Even in our age of smartphone cameras, the classic camera is far from dead. In fact, a surprising number of people have rediscovered the joys of the point and shoot camera. Brands like Polaroid Now and Fujifilm Instax offer wildly popular instant film cameras to document your favorite moments on film. Meanwhile, action camera brands like GoPro continue to bring us compact, rugged digital cameras that can shoot anywhere and anytime.

Micro Center’s selection of cameras brings you a range of high quality options for capturing the times that matter most. Whether you prefer film or digital, we have got you covered with point and shoot compact cameras that will make your memories come to life.

Memories In An Instant

Point and shoot film cameras are the ultimate throwback to a simpler time: No digital viewfinders, no photo editing software, no connected apps. It’s just your film, your flash, and your eye for a great shot. Beginners and experts alike love these cameras because they are simple, fun, and easy to take on the go.

Of course, there is another big reason instant film cameras are so popular - everybody loves to see their photo instantly developed. It is all the fun of the classic instant Polaroid, reimagined and simplified for the 21st century. Just grab a pack of instant camera film and load it into your camera’s back slot. Then, find your shot, point, and shoot. Some instant film camera models even offer the functionality for selfie mode, so you can take a thoroughly modern self portrait without sacrificing that analog goodness.

On the other side, there is the ever expanding world of digital action cameras, which shoot both still images and video. These cameras are as compact as they are tough, with waterproof and dustproof designs that make them suitable for adventure vlogging and going just about anywhere. Plus, thanks to the power of microSD cards, it’s easy to store a whole adventure’s worth of footage and keep shooting.

Point and shoot cameras are perfect for anyone who loves to live in the moment and savor it later. Check out our full selection of Point and shoots here. They are perfect for vacations, college, or just living everyday life - and they make excellent gifts. You will find Micro Center’s full selection here, with great prices on top brands like Fujifilm Instax, Polaroid Now, and GoPro.

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