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What Is the Raspberry Pi?

No, we didn’t start selling baked goods. Raspberry Pi is a series of simple, extraordinarily versatile, low cost computers created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Of course, a Raspberry Pi doesn’t look like any laptop or desktop computer most people have ever seen. They are a type of device known as single board computers, which means they have all of the essential parts of a computer squeezed onto a motherboard no bigger than a deck of cards. This includes, at a minimum:

  • A CPU
  • RAM
  • A power supply connection
  • A Linux based operating system called Raspbian
  • A variety of port headers
  • A set of general purpose in out GPIO pins for connecting peripherals and add ons

This efficient and versatile form factor gives Raspberry Pi computers a lot of advantages. Their small size makes them easy to incorporate into all kinds of electronics projects, and their design is so simple that anyone with a little tech know how can modify them in many interesting and useful ways.

What Can You Do with a Raspberry Pi?

  • Function as a basic desktop PC
  • Run a server
  • Control lighting
  • Play games
  • Stream media
  • Monitor environmental conditions
  • Connect and control smart home devices

In addition, single board computers make excellent educational tools. Their simple design makes them easy for novice makers with limited technical knowledge, including kids learning STEM skills. In fact, new Raspberry Pi computers include easy to use applications that help teach coding tutorials for beginners, and it’s also a great platform for common code languages like Python.

Customizing Your Raspberry Pi

It is also easy to customize your Raspberry Pi with a near endless variety of add ons and accessories. A few of the most popular Raspberry Pi mods include:

  • Speakers
  • LCD screens
  • Camera modules
  • MicroSD cards
  • LED lights
  • WiFi and Bluetooth receivers
  • Ports for connectivity with Ethernet, HDMI, and other common connectors
  • Power supplies

Whether you are a creative tech tinkerer, a STEM educator, a hobbyist, or just someone curious about coding and hardware, our selection of Raspberry Pi computers and accessories will unlock some serious creativity. Explore a world of endless possibilities and shop our entire Raspberry Pi lineup here.

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