The Frankentosh

by mdphotos Posted on: 11/11/2021

Build Description

PC guts inside of a MacPro case…

This was built to host my security cameras and home media. It has since turned into a 2nd PC for streaming and running other media in the background while I game.

Trying not to alter the case too much, I searched around to find components that would work. In the end I ended up trimming the back panel to work with the mobo ports, cutting a hole to pass the power cables through the top shelf to the rest of the PC, installed my own stand-offs and mounting plate.

And let’s just not talk about the CPU radiator being held in by zip-ties.

Favorite Feature

The fact that I was able to get PC parts to fit into this case. It is a beautiful case, but clearly designed to only hold what was originally put inside of it.

Parts contained in build