My First Build

by Justin T Posted on: 9/21/2020

Build Description

Started out telling myself I was gonna make a computer that was just good enough to play warzone, that changed very quickly. All I want to do is keep adding. Great hobby and one I definitely see myself staying in for the future.

Cooler Master H500 case
Powerspec 850 rgb supply
MSI B550 gaming plus mobo
Asus RTX 3080 GPU
2x western digital 1TB ssd m.2
M22 kraken cpu cooler
Ryzen 5 3600 Matisse
2x 120mm blue case fans
2x 140mm red case fans
Inland black/red cable extension kit
2x 8gb trident 3600 RAM
Cooler Master GPU RGB support bracket
*** soon to come EK GPU waterblock setup

Favorite Feature


Parts contained in build

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