How to check Volume Level Settings in Windows 10

Description: This article will show you what settings to check if your sound is not working or the volume is too low in Windows 10.

  1. Right click on the sound icon found at the bottom right corner of the screen, then Open Sound settings.
    Sound icon, Open Sound Settings
  2. In Sound Settings, open the Sound Control Panel.
    Sound Settings, Sound Control Panel
  3. The Sound control panel will appear, with four tabs at the top. Make sure Playback is selected.
    Sound Control Panel, Playback
  4. Right click on the default sound device, the one marked with a green check mark, and select Test.
    Sound Control Panel, Testing Sound
  5. If the sound is working, you will hear chimes play and the sound equalizer green bars on the right will move up and down.
    Sound Control Panel, Testing Sound
  6. If the sound is still not working or seems too quiet, Right click again on the default speakers and select Properties.
    Default Sound device, Properties
  7. In the Properties window, select the Levels tab at the top. There will be a slider to check the level of your speakers on the left. There is also an option to check if the speakers are muted. If you see a speaker icon with a crossed red circle beside it, then the speakers are muted. Click the icon to unmute.
    Sound Properties, Levels

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