Using the WBOptimize utility to increase available storage space

Description: This article will show you how to run WBOptimize.exe - a utility designed by WinBook to free up additional storage space on the WinBook TW100, TW700, and TW800 series tablets.

NOTE: Tablets purchased after December 2014 do not need this update as it has already been installed.

  1. Make sure that no other programs are open or running then double-click to run WBOptimize. In this example, WBOptimize is located on the Desktop.
    WinBook Tablet Desktop Screen with WBOptimize
  2. Read the explanation of the process that comes up on the screen and then click Yes when you are ready to proceed.
  3. Once completed you will get a prompt to restart the system - click OK.
    OK to restart tablet
  4. Once the reboot is complete, check the available disk space you will notice an increase of available space.
  5. If you were to run the program a second time, you will get a message stating that it has already been run and cannot be run again. You will not damage the system by attempting to run it again, just a warning letting you know that it has already been run.
    error message if already run

Important: WBOptimize is intended only for tablet computers. Do not run this program on a Desktop or Laptop Computer.

To request the WBOptimize utility Please email Technical Support here.