How to run System Restore from Safe Mode Command Prompt

Description: This article has the steps needed to run the Windows 7 System Restore option from the Safe Mode Command Prompt. This will assist you if the unit is not able to load the Desktop.

  1. Turn on the computer and tap the F8 Function Key on the top of the keyboard. This will bring up the Microsoft advanced startup menu.
  2. Using the up and down arrow keys select the line that says Safe Mode with command prompt.
  3. With this line highlighted, press the enter key on the keyboard. This will open a Command prompt type window as shown below. This window allows commands and EXE type files to be run.
    Windows Command Prompt
  4. Type RSTRUI.EXE. at the flashing cursor and press enter. This may ask for the user name and password that is used to log in to the computer. This will start the program called System restore. Choosing a restore point and clicking next will start the process.
    Windows System Restore
  5. Please remember when using System Restore from the command prompt the process cannot be undone. Problems will mean running another system restore and choosing a different date.

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