INFO: What is FireWire

FireWire, also known as IEEE-1394 or i.LINK, is a high-speed serial bus found in PC, PC Peripherals and CE devices like Camcorders. The FireWire connection is a simple and relatively low-cost way of making a high bandwidth peer-to-peer connection between devices. FireWire can transfer data at a rate of 50 MB (megabytes) of data per second.

The advantage to FireWire where digital video or pictures is concerned is that it reserves 3.5 MBs to use with video equipment. So if you happen to have additional FireWire devices attached to your system and you are using your video hardware, you don't have a problem with the quality of your video image. This makes it particularly useful for video editing, and multimedia use.

FireWire is hot swappable which means that you can connect and disconnect the devices without turning off your computer. It also allows up to 63 devices to be connected at the same time.

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