How to uninstall another antivirus from Windows after ESET is installed

Description: This article describes how to remove a previously installed antivirus program from Windows after ESET is already installed and activated on the system. Ideally this circumstance should not happen, but sometimes it does and these steps will help you to resolve that situation. This process uses the Windows Safe Mode environment. The computer could be very slow and unusable in the standard Windows environment under these circumstances, so Safe Mode is the best way to proceed.

  1. At the lower right side of the login screen, click the Power Button, hold down the Shift Key on the keyboard, and then click Restart.
    Windows login screen, power button, restart
  2. At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
    Choose an option screen, Troubleshoot option
  3. Click on Advanced Options.
    Troubleshoot screen, Advanced Options
  4. Click on see more recovery options.
    Advanced options screen, See more recovery options
  5. Click on Startup Settings.
    Advanced options screen, Startup Settings option
  6. Click Restart.
    Startup settings screen, Restart button on bottom right
  7. On the keyboard, tap 5 or F5 for Enable Safe Mode with Networking.
    Startup Settings screen, Enable safe mode with networking
  8. Login using the administrator account. You are now in Safe Mode.
  9. Once in Safe Mode, click on the Windows icon and select Settings.
    Windows Desktop, Windows Icon, Click settings
  10. In the Settings menu, click Apps.
    Settings screen, Apps
  11. Find the program that you want to uninstall in the list, such as McAfee or Norton for example, click on the program, and select Uninstall.
    Apps settings screen, Norton or McAfee program, Uninstall

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