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Cut the Cord: Helpful Articles & FAQs

  • Selecting the best OTA (over the air) TV antenna

    Which type of antenna you will need for ideal reception is determined by distance, location, signal strength, and interference factors. Important things to consider are described below, and at the end of this article is reference to a tool that can also help in your selection process.

  • Streaming Media Devices

    There are many different devices which can be used as streaming media devices. There is one thing in common that every one of these devices will require in order to stream content: a good reliable broadband internet connection.

  • Cutting the Cord - Smart TVs

    In one sentence: A Smart TV is a television that can connect to the internet and stream content through apps. It's that simple... well, sort of...

  • Wireless Routers & Access Points

    It's safe to say that most, if not all, wireless routers or wireless access points currently sold by Micro Center will provide support for cutting the cord. Factors such as how many wireless devices you have, how large the area is that you need to cover, and how much obstruction or interference exists in your location can all directly impact your decision on which router or access point to buy.

  • Terminology & Acronyms

    Cutting the cord:
    This phrase usually refers to eliminating or reducing television services from a cable TV subscription and choosing instead to get those items through either a streaming provider or over the air for free...

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