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Atari Ultimate Arcade Fightstick USB Dual Joystick with Trackball 2 Player Game Controller Powered by Raspberry Pi 3B+

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The one-stop option for all of your Retropie emulator gaming needs. This high quality 2 player fight stick with dual joystick and trackball allows you to game with your friends and family at homePowered by Raspberry Pi 3B+ single board computer with Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53, 64-bit SoC @ 1.4 GHz, and on-board WiFi and bluetooth connectivityPreinstalled 32GB Micro SD with download utility containing over 140 licensed Atari Games and Operating System. Play all your favorite Atari console and arcade games on one device!High performance arcade controller features 6 large, spaced-out buttons and an 8 direction bat top joystick for each player and delivers great responsiveness and excellent control with a real arcade feel. The trackball adds classic controls to arcade games.Easy access and customizable. The top lid of the game pad can be opened access the internal parts for full control and customization to your own game style. Roomy interior with additional storage for 6ft HDMI cable, Micro USB power supply with switch, and other components+Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) required to download and install full image.

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Product Information
Mfr Part#
General Specifications
Fight Stick Arcade Kit
Controller Specifications
Controller Type
Arcade Button, Joystick, Trackball. TB is 2.5 in diameter.
Neutral Return
Button Specifications
Button Illumination
Button Style
Unlit 1.13 in. (28.58 mm) Concave
Depth Range
0.13 in. (3.18 mm) to 0.75 in. (19.05 mm)
Hole Diameter
1.13 in. (28.58 mm)
Cabinet Part Specifications
Physical Specifications
27.56 in. (700.00 mm)
12.20 in. (310.00 mm)
Package Contents
What's in the Box
Control Deck with two player setup including trackball (Raspberry Pi/Micro SD already installed), HDMI Cable, 5V Power cord with On/Off Switch

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