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Thank you for renewing your ESET license. We are committed to providing you award-winning Internet security solutions. That's why we recommend ESET Antivirus products. You can be confident with ESET you are getting complete protection for all of your devices.

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If you have questions, you’ll find a list of Helpful Renewal FAQs below. Or, you can get help from our support experts here:

Helpful Renewal FAQs

Q: Will the renewal add to the existing time remaining on the license?
A: No. If the software renewal date is before the expiration date of the original license, there is no credit for time remaining on the original license. Renew when the previous license has expired.

Q: Why do I have ESET Internet Security if I purchased a renewal for ESET Smart Security?
A: ESET Smart Security has been replaced by ESET Internet Security. No changes are made to the level of protection you receive, this is simply a change of the name.

Q: Is ESET Smart Security/Internet Security renewable with the NOD32 renewal?
A: No, the renewal process will not work properly this way. In order to renew Smart Security, please purchase a Smart Security renewal. NOD32 is renewable as an upgrade process to Smart Security. Installation of the Smart Security software will be required.

Q: What does the “The shopping cart is temporarily offline” error message mean?
A: This means that there is already one renewal product in the shopping cart. Use the Shopping Cart link at the top of the page to open the cart and complete the renewal transaction.

Q: The confirmation email from Micro Center says that the product is shipping. When will it arrive?

A: The ESET Renewal product is a Digital Download only product. There is nothing to ship.

Q: Why does the ESET software still show that I need to renew after I purchased the renewal?

A: The renewal license key requires activation. Please refer to this article for additional information.

Q: Why does the email message from ESET indicate that the software is valid on one system when the software purchased was a multi-use license renewal?
A: This is a generic message from ESET that goes out for all activation confirmations. Multi-use licenses are valid on the purchased number of computers for the purchased number of years. Use the same new serial number or license key on all licensed computers after the first activation.

Q: Why is there is no email with the license key?
A: In some cases, it takes a few minutes for the email to arrive. Additionally, check junk, spam, and bulk message filters to see if the message is there.

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