Frequently Asked Rebate Questions

  • Q: What do I need to send in with a rebate?

    A: The paperwork required with your rebate submission usually includes a completed rebate form, a receipt for the purchase and the original UPC from the package. It is also a good idea to make copies of the paperwork you send in for your records.

    Q: Where do I get rebate forms?

    A: While visiting your local Micro Center store, you can print rebate forms using the Rebate Resource. While you're here at Micro Center Online, you can use Rebate Center to find and print rebates forms. Don't forget to download the most updated version of Acrobat Reader to view and print your rebate form.

    Q: What is a UPC and where do I find it?

    A: UPC stands for "Universal Product Code" and it is a bar code found on product packaging. Many products have more than one type of bar code so when you send in a rebate, make sure the UPC you include has 12 digits similar to the sample below.

    Sample UPC code

    Q: Am I still eligible for expired rebates?

    A: Expired rebates are those that have passed their end date. To be eligible for expired rebates, you must have already purchased the product within the valid dates. You still need to send the rebate paperwork before the postmark date located on the rebate form passes.

    Q: Where do I send my rebate form?

    A: The mailing address for your rebate will be listed in the instructions on the rebate form.

  • Q: What if there are two rebates offered for the same product, and I only have one invoice and one UPC?

    A: You will need to check the terms and conditions on your rebate form. Some rebates cannot be combined with other offers. If the two rebates can both be submitted, one offer will require a copy of the receipt and the UPC while the other offer will require the originals. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the receipt and UPC for your own record!

    Q: How do I check the status of my rebate?

    A: Most rebate forms list a website or a phone number for you to use in tracking your status or asking any questions you might have. To check the status of your Micro Center rebates click here.

    Q: Will I get all of the rebates if I purchase more than one of the same item?

    A: Most rebate forms will list in their terms and conditions whether or not they will allow multiple submissions. Most rebate forms state limit one per household. When in doubt, check your form first to avoid problems down the road.

    Q: Why should I make copies of my submission?

    A: Making copies of your forms, receipt, and UPC allows you to keep a record of your rebate. In the instance that your submission is lost or denied, having copies of everything you submitted will help a customer service representative assist you in resubmitting for your rebate.