Laptop Battery for HP 807956-001 807957-001 HS04 HS03 807612-421 807611-221 240 G4 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6V TPN-I119 807611-421 807611-131

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Product Information
Mfr Part#
Battery Compatibility
Compatible Laptop Models
14-AC001TU, 14-AC002TU, 14-AC004TX, 14-AC100, 14-AC100NA, 14-AC100NL, 14-AC101LA, 14-AC103LA, 14-AC104LA, 14-AC104NO, 14-AC107NF, 14-AC107NL, 14-AC108NA, 14-AC108TU, 14-AC109LA, 14-AC110LA, 14-AC111LA, 14-AC112LA, 14-AC113NF, 14-AC114NA, 14-AC115LA, 14-AC116LA, 14-AC119NF, 14-AC120NF, 14-AC121BR, 14-AC122TX, 14-AC124LA, 14-AC126LA, 14-AC129LA, 14-AC132LA, 14-AC134LA, 14-AC136LA, 14-AC141BR, 14-AC143LA, 14-AC150TU, 14-AC151NR, 14-AC154LA, 14-AC156TU, 14-AC159NR, 14-AC171TU, 14-AC176TU, 14-AC178TU, 14-AC180ND, 14-AC186LA, 14-AF010NR, 14-AF101LA, 14-AF102AU, 14-AF104LA, 14-AF106LA, 14-AF108CA, 14-AF110LA, 14-AF110NR, 14-AF112NR, 14-AF113AU, 14-AF113LA, 14-AF114LA, 14-AF115LA, 14-AF116LA, 14-AF117LA, 14-AF118LA, 14-AF180NR, 14-AM001TU, 14-AM002NE, 14-AM003NA, 14-AM006UR, 14-AM011TU, 14-AM012LA, 14-AM012ND, 14-AM013TU, 14-AM014TU, 14-AM015TX, 14-AM016NL, 14-AM017NA, 14-AM018NA, 14-AM025NA, 14-AM026NA, 14-AM034TX, 14-AM036TX, 14-AM038CA, 14-AM044TX, 14-AM046TX, 14-AM049TU, 14-AM052NR, 14-AM064TU, 14-AM065TU, 14-AM066TU, 14-AM075NA, 14-AM077NA, 14-AM078NA, 14-AM079NA, 14-AM080NA, 14-AM080TU, 14-AM081NA, 14-AM081TU, 14-AM082ND, 14-AM085TU, 14-AM090TU, 14-AM091TU, 14-AM094TU, 14-AM096TU, 14-AM101TX, 14-AM102TX, 14-AM103TX, 14-AM108NT, 14-AM108TX, 14-AM119TX, 14-AM122TU, 14-AM125TX, 14-AM126TX, 14-AM128TX, 14-AM504TU, 14-AM506TU, 14-AM514TU, 14-AM519TU, 15-AC000UR, 15-AC005NA, 15-AC007NQ, 15-AC008NS, 15-AC010NR, 15-AC011NL, 15-AC014NP, 15-AC014TU, 15-AC015TU, 15-AC017NA, 15-AC018CA, 15-AC018NA, 15-AC020DS, 15-AC020NA, 15-AC020NR, 15-AC021DS, 15-AC022DS, 15-AC022UR, 15-AC023DS, 15-AC023UR, 15-AC024NA, 15-AC025DS, 15-AC028CA, 15-AC028DS, 15-AC029DS, 15-AC029TX, 15-AC030TX, 15-AC031TX, 15-AC032TX, 15-AC033TX, 15-AC034TX, 15-AC035TX, 15-AC037CL, 15-AC037NR, 15-AC038TU, 15-AC040TU, 15-AC041NE, 15-AC042TU, 15-AC043NA, 15-AC047TU, 15-AC048CA, 15-AC052TX, 15-AC053TU, 15-AC054TU, 15-AC055NR, 15-AC061NR, 15-AC063NR, 15-AC071NR, 15-AC072TX, 15-AC078NR, 15-AC083TU, 15-AC091TU, 15-AC092TU, 15-AC098TU, 15-AC101NA, 15-AC101TU, 15-AC102LA, 15-AC102NT, 15-AC103CA, 15-AC103NG, 15-AC104LA, 15-AC106NJ, 15-AC106TX, 15-AC107NA, 15-AC107NS, 15-AC108NA, 15-AC108NT, 15-AC109NA, 15-AC109NS, 15-AC109NX, 15-AC110NA, 15-AC110NF, 15-AC110TX, 15-AC111LA, 15-AC111TX, 15-AC113CL, 15-AC113NF, 15-AC113NX, 15-AC114LA, 15-AC114NR, 15-AC114TU, 15-AC115TU, 15-AC116CA, 15-AC116NL, 15-AC116TX, 15-AC117NP, 15-AC118CA, 15-AC118LA, 15-AC118NE, 15-AC118NS, 15-AC118TU, 15-AC119NL, 15-AC119NV, 15-AC119TU, 15-AC119TX, 15-AC120CY, 15-AC120LA, 15-AC120NA, 15-AC120NE, 15-AC120NR, 15-AC120TX, 15-AC121DX, 15-AC121LA, 15-AC121NA, 15-AC121ND, 15-AC121NR, 15-AC121NS, 15-AC121TU, 15-AC121TX, 15-AC122NA, 15-AC122TU, 15-AC123NF, 15-AC123TX, 15-AC124TU, 15-AC124TX, 15-AC125DS, 15-AC125TU, 15-AC126LA, 15-AC126NA, 15-AC126NG, 15-AC126NS, 15-AC126TX, 15-AC127LA, 15-AC127NA, 15-AC127NG, 15-AC127TU, 15-AC128CA, 15-AC128NS, 15-AC129NE, 15-AC130CA, 15-AC130DS, 15-AC130NA, 15-AC131DS, 15-AC131NG, 15-AC132DS, 15-AC132LA, 15-AC133DS, 15-AC133ND, 15-AC133NE, 15-AC133NS, 15-AC134DS, 15-AC135DS, 15-AC135NF, 15-AC136DS, 15-AC136LA, 15-AC136NG, 15-AC137CL, 15-AC137NG, 15-AC137NR, 15-AC139NS, 15-AC140DS, 15-AC143NS, 15-AC145DS, 15-AC146TU, 15-AC147CL, 15-AC149TX, 15-AC150UR, 15-AC151DX, 15-AC151SA, 15-AC152SA, 15-AC153CA, 15-AC153NG, 15-AC153NW, 15-AC153SA, 15-AC154NE, 15-AC155TU, 15-AC156NR, 15-AC156TX, 15-AC158NL, 15-AC161NF, 15-AC162UR, 15-AC163NB, 15-AC165NF, 15-AC168TU, 15-AC169NF, 15-AC170NA, 15-AC170TU
Replaces Manufacturer Part Numbers
807611-131, 807611-141, 807611-221, 807611-241, 807611-251, 807611-421, 807611-831, 807612-131, 807612-141, 807612-221, 807612-241, 807612-251, 807612-421, 807612-422, 807612-831, 807956-001, 807957-001, 843532-851, 843533-851, HS03 battery, HS03031-CL, HS04 battery, HS04041, HS04041-CL, HSTNN-DB7I, HSTNN-LB6U, HSTNN-LB6V, HSTNN-PB6T, M2Q95AA, M2Q95AA#ABA, N2L85AA, N2L85AA#ABB, TPN-I119, TPN-I120
Battery Specifications
2200 mAh
Chemical Battery Type
Lithium Ion Battery
1 Year Limited
1 Year Limited
Package Contents
What's in the Box
2200mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for HP G4, Notebook 14/15 Series