Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, 1st Edition

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Coding with JavaScript For Dummies provides easy, hands-on instruction for anyone looking to learn this popular client-side language. No experience? No problem! This friendly guide starts from the very beginning and walks you through the basics, then shows you how to apply what you've learned to real projects. You'll start building right away, including web page elements and simple applications, so you can immediately see how JavaScript is used in the real world. Online exercises allow you to test your code and expand your skills, and the easy-to-follow instruction provides step-by-step guidance toward understanding the JavaScript syntax, applications, and language.

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ISBN-10: 1-1190-5607-1 ISBN-13: 978-1-11-905607-2
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Chris Minnick, Eva Holland
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Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, 1st Edition