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The j5create USB 3.1 Multi-Monitor Adapter acts as an external video card for your MAC or PC. It allows you to add two additional monitors/displays through your USB 3.1 port. No need to open up the computer to add an expensive video card: with the USB 3.1 Multi-Monitor Adapter you simply load the drivers: plug in the adapter to the USB port: then plug in the VGA or HDMI monitor cable into the adapter and you are ready. The j5create USB 3.1 Multi-Monitor Adapter supports three viewing modes. Primary mode: allows you to have individual applications open on each monitor: vastly improving productivity. Extended mode allows you to extend your desktop across multiple displays: great for spreadsheets. Mirroring mode is used to clone one screen onto another: ideal for presentations. With "Plug & Play" functionality between your computer and 2nd monitor or projector: you will be able to create a new visual environment in seconds.

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j5create USB 3.1 Type-A to Dual VGA HDMI Multi-Monitor Adapter

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