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Shop Soldering Supplies At Micro Center

Soldering is a crucial skill for anyone interested in DIY electronics. At its most basic, soldering involves joining two components together using an electrically conductive metal compound, applied using a heated tool called a soldering iron. Desoldering is the inverse practice and involves using a desoldering pump and braided wick to draw liquefied solder away from the components. Solder joints can be simple mechanical connections, or they can be fully functional electrical connections, depending on the materials and techniques used.

Since the first Micro Center opened in 1979, we have been the go to source for soldering tools, solder compounds, and all the other materials hobbyists and innovators need to create awesome tech projects. Shop our full collection of soldering supplies here and find everything you need for projects, prototyping, and more.

What Kind of Soldering Equipment Do You Need?

If you are wondering what types of soldering accessories to look for, we have compiled a list of essentials to add to your workbench.

Soldering Iron: These metal probes are the most basic tools of soldering. Each one contains a heating element inside that heats the soldering iron tip, which is then used to melt and spread solder. Basic pencil style soldering irons may not offer a temperature control, while more advanced soldering station models typically include an adjustable digital temperature gauge.

Digital Soldering Station: All in one tools that include a soldering iron, plus other convenient tools. Often, this will include a solder tip cleaner for removing excess solder from the iron, plus a temperature control unit and safety rest. For advanced users, a hot air rework station offers a wider variety of tools for both soldering and desoldering, including a smoke absorber fume extractor to remove fumes from melted solder.

Solder Wire or Solder Paste: These are the two main types of solder, each with its own advantages and use cases. Rosin core solder wire, which contains rosin based flux within the solder, is an especially popular choice for beginners because it is easy to work with and non corrosive. Most solder is made from a mixture of lead with either tin or silver. Lead free solder is also available, typically composed of a mixture of tin, silver, or copper.

Soldering Flux: These chemical compounds help prepare circuit boards and other components for soldering. They remove oxidation products that can interfere with soldering, and they help provide a smoother, cleaner flow for the solder by distributing heat more evenly. Most soldering compounds include flux already, but some applications will require more. Flux compounds vary significantly in composition, so make sure to research which one is right for your application before purchase. We offer both paste flux and liquid flux, available in economy size containers or convenient syringes.

Desoldering Braid: Also known as soldering wicks, these braided metal cables are used in desoldering to remove melted solder via wicking action. Multiple sizes and styles are available, including unfluxed and anti static desoldering wicks.

Helping Hands: Soldering is often a two handed job, which is why electronics pros almost always use a helping hands stand to hold a project. These handy devices feature a weighted base and two adjustable arms ending in clips, designed for a gentle but firm grip on a circuit board that keeps your project securely in place as you work.

Cleaning Supplies: We offer a variety of essential cleaning supplies to help you remove excess solder and flux from tools and components. From isopropyl alcohol to brass scrub pads for your soldering iron tip, we have got everything you need to keep your tools and projects spotless.

Looking for more tools and components for your electronics projects? See all of our electronics tools, or shop our selection of electronics parts for all your circuit board needs and more.

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