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Gaming Mouse Pads for Speed and Performance

Sure, you could put that awesome new gaming mouse on a piece of paper, or a book, or even your bare desk, but doesn’t your weapon of choice deserve something a little better? What’s more, if you are a serious gamer, using a high quality computer mouse pad really can make a difference in your ability to put the cursor right where you want it every time.

So what is the best mouse pad for playing your favorite PC games? Nearly everything about gaming mouse pads comes down to personal preference, so the most important thing is discovering what brings out your best performance. To make sure we have something for every gamer, Micro Center curates the industry’s best selection of gaming mouse pads from all the top brands.

Finding the Best Gaming Mouse Pad for You

Before adding a mouse pad to your gaming desk, consider these factors below and how they affect a computer mouse’s functionality:

Speed: For most gamers, the most important aspect of a mouse pad’s performance is its speed — that is, how easily a mouse moves across its surface. Generally speaking, mouse pads with a smooth, hard surface provide faster speed, while soft surface pads with more texture tend to be slower. eSports enthusiasts, particularly first person shooter players, often favor faster mouse mats, but plenty of gamers prefer slower and more textured pads because they find they make it easier to control the mouse.

Size: Since many games require big mouse movements, mega sized extended mouse pads are popular in the gaming community. XXL and 3XL mouse pads are so large that they can more accurately be called desk mats, since many people who use them keep them under their gaming keyboards as well. Of course, small and medium sized pads are out there as well, and they are popular with gamers playing in smaller spaces.

Anti Slip Base: Gamers don’t want their mouse pad sliding around during a match, which is why most gaming mouse pads feature a non slip rubber base to keep them in place.

Anti Fray Edge: Cloth gaming mouse pads can begin to fray after heavy use. To counteract this, many of today’s top pads use a stitched edge design that helps keep them in great shape.

RGB Lighting: It wouldn’t be a gaming accessory if someone, somewhere wasn’t putting RGB lights on it, right? That’s right - numerous RGB mouse pads are on the market today, for when you want to truly maximize the rainbow look in your setup.

Design: Those who prefer a minimal look often go for the classic black mouse pad, or for something with a subtle logo. However, we also offer tons of vivid and colorful mouse pad designs to suit anybody’s style.

Shop our gaming mouse pads here and find killer deals on industry standard names like Steelseries, Razer, Corsair, Logitech, and more. Haven’t chosen your gaming mouse yet? See our selection of gaming mice and find the one that clicks with you.

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