Colonial Craigslist Sleeper

by njp124 Posted on: 7/9/2020

Build Description

My friend stumbled upon the case (some old Dell we think) at his work in a pile of scrap, the thing was covered in dust and oil it was a perfect candidate for what we always had in mind to build a scrapyard/craigslist sleeper with older budget parts and pretty it up with hardline watercooling to show it off at LANS. We hit craigslist and came upon some decent 2700k build in an old NZXT Phantom case that was priced cheap it had the same Gigabyte GTX 970 that we had kicking around so the thought of SLI came into our head instantly. Same day we hit the road drove two hours to some random craigslist deal where we thought the PC was clean and decent, to showing up to some PC covered in cat dander with a strong smell of ammonia but it booted and worked fine so we scooped it for a deal. After a good alcohol bath, the parts looked brand new. Fast forward to the build, we had to drill and tap all new mounts to fit an ATX board. Cut everything out of the case we didn’t need like drive bays and cut cable routing holes into the case for the PSU wires. After mocking everything up the motherboard and graphics cards fit well but we really didn’t have a lot of space to work with to fit a radiator big enough to cool two 970’s and a 2700k. We opted to go for a straight tubes and 90 degree fittings loop for the CPU. We ended up having to mount a 120mm rad to the side of the case and cut two big square holes, one where the motherboard mounts and to the back of the side panel so the air could get out. Fitting the pump/res was also chore having about 2mm of clearance between the reservoir and GPUs. After getting everything mocked and plumbed for the watercooling we stripped the case sandblasted the inside. We wanted to keep the dirt and oil stains on the panels for kind of a patina look. After a basic primer and black paint. Then went on to a project of depinning all the PSU wires cutting the wires to length and sleeving with some AlphaCord Colonial Blue and Black. Didn’t realize till then how long it takes to repin and sleeve a whole PSU (Never will do that again). After wiring everything up and cable management the build went smooth. I did have doubts that a 120mm rad would be to small to OC a 2700k, but it stays cool with a 5GHz overclock. Best part of the build is we stuffed RGB’s into the front plastic part of the case so it kinda catches people off guard at LANs to see some dirty old pc with RGB’s.

Favorite Feature

People thinking it has top of the line parts then you tell them it has a 2700k in it.

Parts contained in build

Intel I7 2700k
Qty: 1 $110.00
Qty: 1 $130.00
Gigbyte GTX 970 Windforce
Qty: 2 $240.00
16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
Qty: 1 $50.00
Old Dell Case
Qty: 1 $0.00
Corsair AX850
Qty: 1 $80.00
OCZ Vertex 120GB
Qty: 1 $30.00
Alphacool 12/10mm Plexi Hardtube
Qty: 1 $11.00
Alphacool D5-Pump PWM
Qty: 1 $80.00
Alphacool Fittings
Qty: 1 $50.00
Alphacool Res/Pump Top
Qty: 1 $65.00
EK Vardar EVO 3000RPM PWM
Qty: 2 $73.00
Mayhems Concentrate Pastel Black
Qty: 1 $15.00
Phobya G-Changer 120mm Radiator
Qty: 1 $35.00