Old School nVidia 3D Vision / 3D Surround - "2 computers in One" small case

by mikeintorrance1 Posted on: 3/29/2023

Build Description

This is my Old School nVidia native 3D Vision / 3D Surround computer. I still love playing fps in stereoscopic 3D, on this computer, that i believe I built 10+ years ago. It has an i7 960 Intel CPU, 8GB Ram, and dual 16x SINGLE slot pci-ex slots (not 8x / 8x). I boot to 32 bit Win XP with the GS7600 nVidia videocard on a 21" Viewsonic 120hz CRT monitor and H3D wired shutter glasses. I also dual boot into 64bit Win7 Pro with the GTX690 nVidia videocard on 3 Acer X1261P 3D projectors for a total screen size thats 15 feet long (resolution is 3072 x 768).
I replace the proprietary 500watt power supply with a Thermaltake one and the "Ice cooler", which is also Shuttles proprietary cpu cooler with a Zalman. I play (in glorious 3D) the original Dead Space 1,2, & 3, Tomb Raiders, Max Payne, Painkiller type games.

Favorite Feature

Most dual boot computers use all the same hardware. I like the fact that dual booting in this computer, provides 2 separate videocards in one computer, for two different gaming experiences. To me its almost like 2 computers in one, in a relatively small package. I also like the fact that I had to cut and mod the Shuttle case to make all pieces work together.
I realize this is a older build, but I still love it (because I cannot have the same experience with new hardware since nVidia dropped 3D Vision support some time ago. Yes, I know about VR.....).

Parts contained in build

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