How to boot a WinBook Tablet when the Battery has fully discharged

Description: Your WinBook Tablet, left in sleep or suspend mode for a period of time, may appear that it does not want to start up properly due to the battery being fully discharged. In this state the tablet may not power up with or without the charger plugged in. This article will describe how to properly start up a WinBook Tablet after the battery has fully discharged.

After a period of non-use, the WinBook Tablet will go into a sleep mode. If the battery becomes fully discharged during this time, the Windows operating system will not recover correctly, requiring one to turn the system off and then simply restart the system. The following steps describe how to perform these tasks.

  1. Unplug the charging cable
  2. Press and hold in the power button on the side for ten seconds. This will effectively turn the device off.
    WinBook Tablet Button Locations
  3. Plug the tablet in to the original charging cable that came with the tablet. You may see a blinking blue light at first - this is normal.

    Allow the tablet to charge in this condition for at least ten minutes before proceeding to the next step.

    WinBook Tablet Port Locations
  4. Once the battery reaches ample power, turn the tablet on by tapping the power button a single time. This is the same button from the first image.