How to remove and reinstall Wireless Drivers in Windows 8

Description: Are you having trouble connecting to your wireless network, or constantly dropping connections? One thing to troubleshoot is removing and reinstalling the drivers for the wireless adapter. This article will show you how to perform the steps in Windows 8.
  1. To start, hold the Windows Key and the X key down at the same time. A new window will pop up in the lower left hand corner.
    Windows Key
    Windows 8 Quick Access Menu
  2. Choose Device Manager, which will open a new window.
    Windows 8 Device Manager
  3. Click on the arrow next to Network Adapters, and find the Wireless Adapters.
    Windows 8 Device Manager, Network Adapters
  4. Next double click on the Wireless Adapter, it will open a new window.
    Device Manager Wireless Adapter Properties
  5. Next choose the Driver Tab and click on uninstall.
    Device Manager Wireless Adapter Properties
  6. Once you choose uninstall you will get a confirmation window that pops up.
    Device Manager, Device Uninstall
    On some devices below the warning text you may get a box that is unchecked that says delete driver software. Make sure you leave that box unchecked.
  7. Once you have chosen OK to uninstall, your device will be uninstalled. The final step will be to restart your computer. The device will redetect on reboot.
  8. Finally you will need to reconnect to your wireless network by double clicking on the wireless connection. A new window will open from the right hand side of the screen. You will choose your network and reconnect.
    Windows 8 Available WiFi Networks
    That process will reset the adapter and the software and many times will fix issues with intermittent disconnect or no connection at all. If you are still having issues after this procedure, then there is some other cause for the problem.

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