EXTRAS: Frequently Asked Laptop Questions

Q: What is a Recovery Disc or an Operating System Disc?
A: The Recovery Disc or Operating System Disc is used when the Operating System has become unusable, due to file corruption, virus, or hardware malfunction.

Q: Are any of the pre-installed applications removable?
A: Yes, pre-installed applications are usually removable through the Programs and Features option in Windows Control Panel.

Q: Is up-to-date security software necessary?
A: Security software is recommended to prevent data loss, as well as theft of personal information. If this security is not kept up to date, newly created viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats will have easy access to the system. Up-to-date security software is recommended to keep your computer secure.

Q: What is DVD-RAM?
A: DVD-RAM is a re-writable DVD that can be rewritten hundreds of thousands of times. Some DVD-RAM discs will not play in standard DVD Players. DVD-RAM is often used in video cameras.

Q: Why are Back-Ups necessary?
A: Keeping an up-to-date back-up of your computer is critical if you have files on the system that you do not want to lose. If your computer gets hit by a virus or if the hard drive crashes, you may lose all information on the computer. Keeping information backed up on an external backup system decreases the risk of data loss.

Q: What is a HomeGroup?
A: A HomeGroup is an easy way to share files, printers and other resources when multiple Windows computers are connected the same HomeGroup.

Q: Where is the Microsoft Office product key?
A: Many new computers come with a free trial of a current version of Microsoft Office. To obtain the Microsoft Office product key, activate the trial by clicking the 60-day trial icon located on the desktop, or Activation Assistant icon in the Microsoft Office folder found in the Start Menu.

Q: Where can I see how much battery life is left on my laptop?
A: In the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen there is a battery or power icon that will show how much charge is left in the battery, as well as whether or not it is currently charging.