INFO: What is USB

USB, or Universal Serial Bus, is a plug and play type of connection designed to make connecting your computer peripherals, input/output devices, and electronics quick and easy. It replaces many other connection types like Serial, Parallel, and IEEE 1394 (also known as Firewire).

It is very simple to use and in most cases does not require the installation of special software to make it work. It works on virtually all modern operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux with a high degree of reliability.

There are four typical connection types for USB:

USB-A USB-A is the standard rectangular shaped plug. It is normally used to connect external devices like mice and keyboards to a computer. Most computers have a number of these ports available.
USB-B is a square shaped plug. It is typically found on an external devices like printers or scanners. It is common to find a USB cable that has USB-A on one end, and USB-B on the other.
Mini-B is found on a number of smaller devices such as MP3 players and medium sized cameras.
Mini-A is the same shape as Mini-B but is used to connect to even smaller devices like cell phones or mini-MP3 players.