How to download, install, and run SpyBot Search and Destroy

Description: This article will show how to download, install, and run a scan with Spybot Search & Destroy. Spybot is designed to look for spyware on the computer, which is primarily designed to track your browsing behavior and sell that information to advertising companies. There are different versions of Spybot available for purchase, however the free version is what will be covered in this article.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Spybot home page.
    web browser at
  2. Choose Spybot Free.
    Spybot Free highlighted in choices
  3. Choose Download Spybot 2.4 Free Edition.
    Spybot Home User Download Free Edition
  4. Select one of the Download buttons in the ad-free section.
    Ad-free Safter Networking Downloads
  5. Choose Download to begin the download.
    Spybot Disclaimer and Download Button
  6. Once the download has finished, run the file.
    Browser Run Button
  7. The setup program will open. Select the Next button to continue and follow the prompts for installing.
    Spybot Program Setup Wizard
  8. Once installed, choose Finish.
    Spybot Program Setup Wizard
  9. Spybot will automatically open but will need to be updated first. Select Update to open the update window.
    Spybot Update Button
  10. Select the Update button.
    Spybot Update Button
  11. Once the update is complete, select the X in the corner to close the window.
    Spybot Update Complete, Close
  12. To start a scan, choose System Scan.
    Spybot System Scan
  13. In the menu on the left side, select Start a scan and Spybot will automatically begin scanning.
    Spybot Program Menu, Start a scan
  14. Once the scan is complete, Spybot will show the results of the scan, including the threat level and an option to Fix selected.
    Spybot Scan Results
  15. By selecting Fix selected as noted above, all results found will then be removed from your system.

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