INFO: What is ODBC

ODBC Stands for Open DataBase Connectivity. This was developed by the SQL Access group in 1992. This is a standard database access method.

ODBC allows access to any data regardless of the database management system that handles the data. This process is managed by inserting a database driver. This driver is in between the application and the database management system. This layer translates the application’s data queries into commands, and these commands can be used in the Database management system. The ODBC allows programs to read from Microsoft Access, Paradox, dBase and FoxPro formats. It can also connect to external database servers like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server and can use ODBC to move data from one database to another database.

ODBC eliminates the need for corporate developers and software manufacturers to learn multiple programming applications. ODBC provides a universal data access interface. This tool can be found in the Control Panel, Administrator Tools, Data Sources (ODBC), in Windows 7.