INFO: What is FAX

Fax technology has been around for more than 30 years. It allows any two devices with a phone connection between them to send an image. All-in-One devices take advantage of this technology with scanners and document feeders to add the fax function to their capability. In some cases, All-in-One devices add the ability to send documents directly from your computer to another fax machine.

There are three elements involved with FAX transmission.
  • Scanning
    Takes the page and using light and special receivers turns the contents of the page into a series of tones line by line.
  • FAX tones
    Sent from one machine to the next so that the scanned image is exactly reproduced dot by dot and line by line by the receiving machine.
  • Phone System
    Transmits the tones from the machines providing the connection between two FAX devices. One device dials to the other fax machine to provide a connection.  The two devices sync by using a digital "handshake" to begin communication. Once connected, the fax signal is muted while the data is transmitted.
Most errors in this system occur during the document feeding or scanning process. Errors can also occur trying to connect over a noisy phone line, or if the receiving device is out of service.