HOW TO: Read Camera Symbols

This reference will help make sense of all those symbols found on a digital camera. Not all digital cameras have all of the options listed.

Hand-held Twilight   Hand-held Twilight
Use this setting when taking photos of a scene at night with the camera in hand.
 Twilight  Twilight
Used for taking scene photos in the evening or at night. 
 Twilight Portrait Twilight Portrait
Use this for taking portrait photos in the evening or at night.
 Twilight Tripod Twilight Tripod
Scenic or Portrait photos at night with a tripod.
 Backlight Backlight
This settings is used when the primary light source is behind the target of the photo.
 Backlight Portrait
Backlight Portrait
For use when the primary light source is behind the target of a portrait photo.
 Landscape Landscape
Use this if you want to take photos of scenery at a distance.
 Macro Macro
Used for close-up images when the camera would be blurry otherwise. Usually less than a foot away. 
 Portrait Portrait
This setting is used when you are taking a photo of a person.
 Timer Timer
Allows the picture to be taken after a delay.
 Flash Flash
For use when additional lighting is needed.
 Auto Flash Auto Flash
The camera determines whether to use flash or not based on available light.
 Slow Synchro Flash Slow Synchro Flash
The flash will operate and the camera shutter speed is slowed down to more clearly draw the background that is out of range of the light from the flash.
 Flash Off Flash Off
The flash will not be used regardless of available light.
 Anti-Motion Blur Anti-Motion Blur
This feature is automatically activated if the camera is moving while a picture of video is being taken to reduce the blur created by motion.