IMPORTANT: Care for Your Camera

Tips on care of your digital camera:

1. Get a camera cleaning kit.
  • Most of them have some type of cleaning solution and special cloths that are designed for the surfaces you find on a camera.
  • Don’t use old rags especially on the lens as they can cause scratches.
  • Don’t is using canned air on your camera. Canned air can actually force dust into the inside of the camera.
2. Check the LCD screen and viewport.
  • Clean it to remove fingerprints and smudges.
  • Install a screen protector to save the LCD screen from scratches.
3. Be careful with the moving parts.
  • Don’t force the covers, buttons, hinges or dials if they seem stuck.
  • If powering the camera off and back on doesn’t correct the problem, take it to a reputable repair facility.
4. Turn the camera off.
  • Before removing the power, batteries, or memory cards power it down.
  • Also, turn it off when connecting or disconnecting the transfer cable.
5. Keep it dry.
  • Moisture and condensation can destroy the delicate workings of a camera.
  • Silica gel bags found in electronics boxes attract moisture. Get a few and put them with your camera to reduce moisture.
6. Store the camera safely.
  • If it’s not going to be used for a while, remove the batteries and memory card, put it in a protective case and keep it dry.
7. Get a good camera bag.
  • It should fit your particular camera well.
  • The bag will protect your camera from everyday bumps and scratches that happen with normal use.
  • Pick one with good padding, thin bags or pouches don’t really provide ample protection.
8. Watch those memory cards.
  • Make sure you have the correct card for your camera. There are several types.
  • They only go in one way, if the card doesn’t click into place easily, try turning it over. Contacts always go into the camera.
9. Protect your camera from extreme temperatures.
  • Too cold can cause condensation or freeze delicate parts.
  • Too hot and plastic starts to melt and warp.
10. Traveling.
  • If you are traveling with your camera, keep it with you whenever possible. You don’t want it to get banged around and you might miss the shot of a lifetime!