INFO: What is a Flash Card

A flash card is a device for storing digital information, most often used in cell phones or cameras. A Flash Card is actually a form of flash memory, so calling it “Flash Memory” would be a more technically correct way to reference the device. The same type of flash memory found in an SD card, for example, is typically the same kind of memory found in a USB Flash Drive, and a modified version is used in a SSD (Solid State Drive).

Flash memory is non-volatile, meaning when you unplug it from a device or remove power from the flash card, the data stored on the chip will not be lost. Flash memory offers fast seek times, meaning the device takes only milliseconds to locate the information needed on the drive, and fast write times when transferring information to the drive.

One of the limitations of flash memory is the wear. Most commercial flash products will withstand being erased and re-written around 100,000 times. This does not mean that the flash drive can be used 100,000 times as Windows and other operating systems have to move information around on the drive. For this reason it is not recommended that critical data be stored on a flash drive.

In short, flash memory provides a low-cost storage platform for many mobile devices, however due to limitations on lifetime it is not recommended as a backup device.

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