How to renew your ESET license within the program in Windows

Description: This article describes how to renew ESET using the ESET program in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In this example, we are renewing ESET Smart Security Premium, but the steps are similar for other Windows versions of ESET.

  1. Open the ESET program by clicking on the up arrow in the bottom right of the taskbar and then choosing the ESET icon.
    Show hidden icons, ESET icon
  2. Press Ctrl + U on the keyboard and then make note of the username on the screen - you will need this in an upcoming step.
    Control and U on keyboard, username
  3. Click on the X to close this window and then choose Renew license from the ESET program screen to proceed.
    Close window, ESET main page, Renew license
  4. This will direct you to the ESET renewal page. Enter the username that you saved from step 2 above into the box on the screen, and then choose Next.
    ESET renewal page, ESET username in box
  5. Select the ESET product that you want to renew, and then choose the number of devices that you will have ESET installed on.
    ESET product list, Choose ESET product
  6. Select the number of years for your renewal and then choose Add to Cart.
    ESET product list, Choose number of devices
  7. Choose Checkout Now and then proceed with entering in your payment information.
    Micro Center Web Store purchase page, Checkout Now button
    Micro Center Web Store information to purchase
  8. On the order confirmation page, make note of your activation key - it is labeled as the license number. This will also be in the emailed receipt as the ESET serial number or activation key.
    order confirmation page, license number
  9. Open the ESET program and click Activate Product.
    ESET main page, activate product button
  10. Click on Use a purchased License Key.
    Activation Option screen, purchased license key option
  11. Enter in the license key from step 8 in the license key box, then click Yes.
    Purchased License Key screen, Enter activation key
  12. Fill out the information to register your license with ESET. Make sure to scroll all the way down as the city, state, and zip code are in their own boxes, possibly below your view at first. Company and second address are not required to register. Click Activate when done.
    Registration screen, Enter information
  13. Click Activate, then Done.
    Activation screen, Activate, Done
  14. ESET is now renewed and activated.

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