Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 3D Printable Case

Printable Micro Center Raspberry Pi 4 Case

With all of the excitement around the launch of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, we here at Micro Center wanted to offer the community a chance to download and print your own case! Please find the .stl files below available for download at no cost! Make sure to stop in to Micro Center for all of your 3D printing and filament needs!

Raspberry Pi 4 B 3D Printed Case

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Raspberry Pi 4 B 3D Printed Case

Suggested Print Settings (example using a PowerSpec 3D Printer):

  • Inland PLA 1.75mm - color of your choice
  • Filament Temperature - 210
  • Speed - 50m/x
  • Layer Height - .2
  • Outer Walls - .8
  • Top Layers - 3
  • Infill - 13%
  • Heated Bed first layer - 60 degrees
  • Heated Bed all other layers - 50 degrees