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Losing valuable data such as important work files, that report you stayed up all night to finish or critical private client information can create serious anxiety. Unfortunately, there’s little to no warning when you’re about to lose your data, hence, it’s difficult to be prepared. With Micro Center on your side, you have the best chance to recover valuable data through our data recovery service.

Data loss is an information systems problem in which stored data and information are compromised or irretrievable. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you may need data recovery service.

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Common Storage Problems

Human error – Sometimes, humans can make mistakes that have a major impact. We may delete or overwrite essential files without realizing it. Other common occurrences include spilling a drink on the computer or exposing the hard drive to high heat or shock.

Power outage – Losing power suddenly not only disrupts operations, but it can also result in the loss of unsaved files. Due to the sudden and improper shutdown of the computer, existing files are at risk of being corrupted.

Viruses – These are commonly spread through infected email attachments, a disk, a network or other file sharing methods. If you are not careful about how and where you access files or data, you may unknowingly infect your hard drive, leading to file theft or damage.

Corrupted software – The improper or unexpected shutdown of software might not seem like that big of a deal, but it can actually damage your files and data. If software is not properly shut down, data can become corrupted and be inaccessible.

Hardware damage – According to statistics, several hundreds of thousands of hard drives crash each week. As they are a computer or device’s most fragile component, they must always be handled with care. Hard drive problems usually occur because of mechanical issues, human mishandling or misuse, or overheating due to dust build-up.

Tustin, California Data Recovery

If you are worried about getting an error message or are unable to open a file, we at Micro Center are here to help. Whether you need hard drive recovery, Apple Mac recovery, RAID repair, laptop data recover, or beyond, our professionals are trained to save and retrieve your precious data. We also help with data backup, so you can rest easy knowing your media and files are safe.

From your business records and work documents to school projects and family photos, we work hard to recover data from your device. Our skilled technicians examine your damaged hard drive and/or storage device to assess the extent of the damage and figure out the best way to recover important files and data. At Micro Center, we also offer assistance with backing up your storage device to ensure that all of your files stay safe and secure at all times. If you’re anywhere in or around Irvine, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, stop by to meet our data recovery experts.


In-store Data Recovery Service 1TB to 3TB

 In-store Data Recovery Service 1TB to 3TB

In-store Data Recovery Service over 3TB

 In-store Data Recovery Service over 3TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - Under 1TB

 Hard Drive Recovery Service - Under 1TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - 1-3TB

 Hard Drive Recovery - 1-3TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - Over 3TB

 Hard Drive Recovery Service - Over 3TB

Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

 Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

 Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service - Advanced

 Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

NAS and RAID Data Recovery Service

 NAS and RAID Data Recovery Service

Our Process



Bring in your equipment and tell us which files you need recovered


We'll discuss how best to save your files and data


Once done, we will contact you for pickup


Go to Knowledge Bar or Service Counter for pickup.

Devices We Service

We can perform data recovery and backup services on all types of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Mac Minis, and MacBooks.

We support PC desktop and laptop storage devices, whether it’s an internal hard drive or solid state drive (SSD), external disk drives, or USB flash drives.

For advanced home users or small businesses, we also support data backup and recovery for Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers and RAID systems.

What We Need From You

Bring everything you think might help, including your power adapter if it is a laptop, tablet, or all-in-one PC, especially if the issue is power related

Your login credentials - for Apple, please make sure Find My Device is turned OFF. If the unit doesn't power on, you can do this on Apple's website using your Apple account.

For PCs, if you have BitLocker or any passwords set on the computer (BIOS, login, etc.) please provide these (all of them)

A complete problem description with as much detail as possible so our technicians can get to work on it quickly without having to ask for more information

Proven Expertise

Since 1979 our Expert Technicians have been repairing, building and upgrading all types of laptops and desktops, as well as performing data backup and recovery services.

The majority of repairs are completed in-house, resulting in quicker repairs and data security.

We repair any brand of desktop or laptop and are an Authorized Service Provider for Apple, Dell, HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, and PowerSpec.

All Technicians are Comp TIA A+ and OEM Certified

Comp TIA A+ and OEM Certified and Apple Authorized Service logos


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