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At Micro Center, we believe every business is unique. That is why our data recovery service is tailored to suit your individual needs. Our range of data solutions ensures that whether your business is big or small, you can get the level of expertise you need to recover and secure your data.

For many businesses, data is the wheel that keeps their operations going. Micro Center is dedicated to ensuring that you get fast, reliable, and efficient data recovery in Minneapolis, MN. Our data recovery service experts are equipped to offer you long-lasting solutions for your data needs.

If you’re having trouble accessing your data, Micro Center has a dedicated team of experts to help you recover your information quickly and securely.

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When St. Louis Park, Minnesota Data Recovery

The scope of service required usually depends on the cause of data loss and the affected storage device. If you need data recovery in St Louis Park, our local Micro Center office which also serves Saint Paul, Bloomington, and Edna has a team of experts ready to consult with you on your particular needs. Consult our data recovery experts for any of the following scenarios

Drive-Level Failure

One of the most common causes of data loss is a faulty or corrupted hard drive. Once your storage drive fails, you may lose access to part or all of your information. This is where your expert in data recovery will come in.

At Micro Center, our experienced engineers can retrieve data from corrupted hard drives. Depending on the level of damage, it may be possible to repair your storage drive. Where this is not possible, the recovered data is stored in external storage for retrieval and safekeeping.

Accidental Deletion

When you format your storage device or accidentally delete files, it is possible to retrieve the lost data. In most cases, deleted data is not immediately removed from your system. This makes it possible for data recovery experts to recover most, if not all of what has been deleted.

If you have accidentally deleted your files, consult an expert in data recovery. In St. Louis Park, our Micro Center office offers a host of recovery solutions. Our experts can also recommend data backup options to help safeguard your data in the future.

Physical Damage

In some cases, your storage device may become faulty as a result of physical damage. In such circumstances, bring your faulty storage device to Micro Center. Our team is experienced in secure data recovery from damaged devices and will ensure you get your lost data back. We follow industry best practices to ensure that your files are not compromised inside and outside the store.


In-store Data Recovery Service 1TB to 3TB

 In-store Data Recovery Service 1TB to 3TB

In-store Data Recovery Service over 3TB

 In-store Data Recovery Service over 3TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - Under 1TB

 Hard Drive Recovery Service - Under 1TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - 1-3TB

 Hard Drive Recovery - 1-3TB

Hard Drive Recovery Service - Over 3TB

 Hard Drive Recovery Service - Over 3TB

Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

 Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

 Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service - Advanced

 Cell Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service

NAS and RAID Data Recovery Service

 NAS and RAID Data Recovery Service

Our Process



Bring in your equipment and tell us which files you need recovered


We'll discuss how best to save your files and data


Once done, we will contact you for pickup


Go to Knowledge Bar or Service Counter for pickup.

Devices We Service

We can perform data recovery and backup services on all types of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Mac Minis, and MacBooks.

We support PC desktop and laptop storage devices, whether it’s an internal hard drive or solid state drive (SSD), external disk drives, or USB flash drives.

For advanced home users or small businesses, we also support data backup and recovery for Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers and RAID systems.

What We Need From You

Bring everything you think might help, including your power adapter if it is a laptop, tablet, or all-in-one PC, especially if the issue is power related

Your login credentials - for Apple, please make sure Find My Device is turned OFF. If the unit doesn't power on, you can do this on Apple's website using your Apple account.

For PCs, if you have BitLocker or any passwords set on the computer (BIOS, login, etc.) please provide these (all of them)

A complete problem description with as much detail as possible so our technicians can get to work on it quickly without having to ask for more information

Proven Expertise

Since 1979 our Expert Technicians have been repairing, building and upgrading all types of laptops and desktops, as well as performing data backup and recovery services.

The majority of repairs are completed in-house, resulting in quicker repairs and data security.

We repair any brand of desktop or laptop and are an Authorized Service Provider for Apple, Dell, HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, and PowerSpec.

All Technicians are Comp TIA A+ and OEM Certified

Comp TIA A+ and OEM Certified and Apple Authorized Service logos


Data Backup and Recovery Services FAQ

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