Micro Center Media Kit

Micro Center Media Kit

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Micro Center is one of the largest computer and consumer electronics retailers in the United States. We have experienced extraordinary growth over the past several years:

  • Double-digit same-store sales growth every year
  • Strong monthly growth in new customers in all markets
  • Laptop sales trending 30 percent higher than the industry average
  • Desktops sales bucking the U.S. industry by rising over 10 percent
  • Opening six new regional stores since 2007, for a total of 25 stores across the U.S.
  • New stores with more floor space and specialized customer service areas
  • A new and exciting store format for legacy stores with many new merchandising opportunities

As a vendor, you'll love working with us.

We invite you to participate in Micro Center's exceptional growth opportunities by contacting us about your product(s). Please complete our online application form. We guarantee a timely response from our buying team. Please note, this is ONLY for products under consideration for our 25 retail stores and not for B2B services. Thank you for your cooperation.

You may also speak directly with a Micro Center representative who will take down your product information and schedule a meeting with our product buyers. Micro Center is growing and new vendors and products are essential to our growth - let's grow and be successful together! We can be reached at: U.S. only: 1-614-850-3550 or International: 002-1-614-850-3550. Please call during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST / GMT-5).

Again, we thank you for your interest in partnering with Micro Center. We're looking forward to hearing from you!.