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AC Power Adapters for your Laptop, Smartphone, and more

Most electronic devices with rechargeable batteries such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, need direct current or DC power in order to charge - but most wall outlets produce alternating current or AC power. To bridge the gap and convert AC to DC power to charge our gadgets, we rely on AC DC power adapter units.

When these units are designed to charge a battery, they are known by their more common name: chargers. An AC wall charger takes the wall power supply from the power grid - typically 120 volt AC - and converts it into any of various DC voltages that can power a devices battery, including 9V, 12V, 20V, and beyond.

Losing or breaking your OEM charger can be a big headache that sends you scrambling for a new one - but when you are on the hunt, it is critically important to take time and get the right one. For the safety of your devices battery, and so you can use features like fast charging, make sure you are buying a charger from a trustworthy brand that is rated for the correct AC input and DC output. Fortunately, Micro Centers selection of AC chargers includes a full range of chargers and power cords from the industrys most reliable names.

Finding the Right AC Adapter for your Device

The easiest way to get the right charger is to look for one that is compatible with the specific model of device you need to charge. Check the AC adapters specs and look at which makes and models it is designed to work with. Some will list specific models, while others will offer a general range - such as MacBooks made after 2016.

Some AC adapters feature a universal design that makes them compatible with a wide variety of laptops and tablets. These typically include an all in one kit with multiple power plug connectors to fit different models. USB C power adapters are also widely used, thanks to their universal connector that is present on all kinds of devices today - but note that it is still important to verify that the charger meets your devices input and output voltage requirements.

Traveling outside the US? Make sure to pick up one of our international AC adapters. Countries outside the US often use different electrical standards and power plugs, making a travel adapter a must have for using your devices.

Shop our complete selection of phone, tablet, and laptop chargers and more right here, with outstanding prices on the most reliable power adapter brands. Make sure to also check out our charging cables to get the complete charging solution you need for your device.

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