Custom PC Building Service Wanting to build a custom PC but not sure how? Our technicians can help!


Product Information
Mfr Part#
Same Day Service
Custom PC Build
Parts Warranty
1 year for replacements parts, if your device is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, or extended service plan. Warranty for retail parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and will vary by part and manufacturer.
Labor Warranty
90 Days

Custom PC Building Service Details

  • First we arrange all the parts and verify their inter-compatibility
  • We start by opening the case and assessing the arrangement of the parts
  • We then install the CPU, RAM and video card to the board, and POST test it with the power supply outside the case
  • Once verified to work, we assess the cabling and wires and how they will be run
  • We install the appropriate mounting hardware for the cooling system
  • If an NVMe solid state drive is chosen, this is installed in the first onboard slot closest to the processor
  • If any additional fans have been purchased, these are installed and arranged for the best airflow for cooling all components, then plugged in to the board for power
  • All power supply power cables are then connected to the motherboard, video card, hard drives (if used), as well as any case connections for case power, lighting, fan and or RGB displays
  • The rest of the wires and cables are carefully routed and tied for maximum cable management and neatness



Using the Builder Tool, select the parts you would like for your new build


Select build it for me, and complete the order online


Once done, we will contact you for pickup


Go to Knowledge Bar or Service Counter for pickup.

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Configuring your Custom PC Build

Use our Custom PC Builder to select your PC parts online - be sure to include Same Day Pro Assembly - then let us take it from there! Some advanced configurations will require consultation with one of our Custom PC Experts before completing your order.

What We Need From You

When you place your order for the build, please supply us with a phone number we can reach you at by text - if you cannot be reached by text please indicate this and we will attempt to call you to confirm your parts selection
Any special needs such as where you would like fans placed, etc. should be communicated as well

We'll Keep You Updated

When we receive your build order, we will send you a text to the number you gave us in your order, and let you know we have started the work If for some reason we need more information from you we will use this method to ask you any questions we might have We will send you regular messages as we work, and finally send you a text message or call you when the build is done
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Custom PC Building Service Wanting to build a custom PC but not sure how? Our technicians can help!


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