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Become an influencer! A do-everything, go-anywhere kit thats been put together for todays influencer and Mobile Content Creator. The GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit lets you rig up your phone to give your content real impact. Specifically aimed at the latest phone ownership (iPhone 11, Pixel 4 etc) you have everything you need in one box. The package includes 3 JOBY products: GorillaPod Mobile Rig, Beamo Mini LED and the Wavo Mobile microphone . The GorillaPod base allows the user to Grip It, Wrap It and Stand It and the GripTight PRO 2 mount supports both landscape and vertical orientation. Produce flawless skin tones with the color accurate (CRI 95+/-), dimmable Beamo Mini Light, which is Bluetooth controllable. You can choose what elements to use with each shoot and can even remove the mount and use a Smaller Mirrorless or Bridge Camera on the same stand with Beamo and Wavo supported. Supplied with both a cable for mobile phones (TRRS) and cameras (TRS) as well as MFi approved lightning connector this is the complete solution for the Mobile Content Creator.

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Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

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