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ISBN-10: 1-8407-8868-2 ISBN-13: 978-1-84-078868-6

100 Top Tips: Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone contains tips covering all aspects of capturing, displaying, and sharing photos on your phone. These include: Finding and using your phone's camera settings so you can set up the camera exactly as you want Using basic techniques that can instantly help you capture stunning photos Looking at ways to improve the composition of your photos Utilizing lighting conditions to get the best photos Creating stunning portraits of family and friends Releasing your artistic side with a range of creative options Viewing buildings and architecture in a new way, to get the most effective photos Capturing iconic shots of famous landmarks Editing photos on your phone and also downloading them to a computer for more sophisticated editing to make them stand out from the crowd Making sure your photos are safely backed up for safekeeping and sharing them with family and friends.

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PGW 100 Top Tips: Create Great Photos Using Your Smartphone

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