Data Migration Service Don't leave old files behind - let's move them to a new system or drive.


Product Information
Mfr Part#
Same Day Service
Software Support
Parts Warranty
1 year for replacements parts, if your device is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, or extended service plan. Warranty for retail parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and will vary by part and manufacturer.
Labor Warranty
90 Days

Data Migration Details

  • First the system the files are on is tested for functionality - If the device does not function properly, the process might need full data recovery services
  • The files are scanned for viruses with ESET Security software, and cleaned if necessary before migrating them to the new device
  • All files on the old device are copied to the new computer that you provide for us - If for some reason the migration does not function as intended, or the formatting (i.e. MAC, PC) does not allow, we may need to opt for a data recovery service
  • We can copy user created data only - this means that software programs such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Quicken, genealogy software, etc. will NOT function from the copies. Any and all programs needed to use your files will need to be installed by you on your new computer or device - Please ask to speak to one of our technical associates about this if you need more information
  • If there will be email configurations necessary on the new PC, or other programs such as QuickBooks, etc., you will have the option to sit down with one of our technical associates at the service counter for a small additional fee at the time of pickup
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Data Migration Service Don't leave old files behind - let's move them to a new system or drive.


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