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Apple Desktop Computers

Apple computers are instantly recognizable and favorites among consumers across the globe. MacBooks are very popular, and the Apple family of desktop computers are just as feature rich and aesthetically pleasing. iMac all-in-one computers are excellent desktop solutions because they save space without sacrificing functionality. This is made possible by Apple's iMac design which sees all of the computer's internal components housed within the monitor. Screen sizes for iMacs range from 21.5" to 27" and can support resolutions of up to 5K. The vibrant and color accurate displays found in iMac desktops are perfect for graphic design or other media based professions. Suppose you already have a monitor or need to save even more space. In that case Mac Mini desktop computers can provide all of the functionality of Apple's iMacs at a reduced size and cost. Mac Minis are versatile and ultra compact machines that can function like any other desktop computer, although you will need the standard peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to use a Mac Mini. When power is the priority, Mac Pro desktops are the best solution. Mac Pro computers are designed for high end users and the most resource intensive workloads. Equipped with server grade processors and vast amounts of RAM and storage space, these powerful computers are often used for such tasks as 3D film animation and 8K video rendering. Mac Pro desktops may be the least common of Apple computers but are some of the most powerful PCs on the consumer market today.

The unique design of Apple devices is made possible by proprietary technology that can only be serviced by licensed repair professionals. Luckily, Micro Center is a certified Apple computer repair center, and the service team is always available to help you with any problems. The professionals at Micro Center can help you troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with your Mac. Micro Center also sells refurbished iMacs and other Apple computers. Refurbished machines have been rigorously tested and cleaned to ensure that the product meets Apple's brand standards and are ready for customers.

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