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Professional Grade Power: Desktop PC Workstations

A standard desktop computer often won’t cut it when you are working with powerful, resource intensive software. That’s why high performance PCs known as workstations are a must have for those pursuing data science, artificial intelligence, production video rendering, graphics arts, computer aided drafting and design, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Workstation PCs use components like multi threaded CPUs and ultra fast solid state drives to provide the robust performance that professionals need. They occupy a similar price point and sometimes offer similar specs as gaming PCs, but they are optimized for professional applications rather than entertainment.

Some PC enthusiasts enjoy building and customizing their own PC workstations, but many others want a powerful computer that’s built to perform right out of the box. That is why professionals across so many different fields choose desktop PC workstations from Micro Center.

Choosing a Desktop PC Workstation

It is important to know a little bit about the features of desktop PC workstations before you start shopping. Keep these key features in mind:

CPU: Workstation CPUs need plenty of cores to keep up with intense processing workloads. Most models use a CPU with at least six cores, and many have eight, ten, or more. Workstation CPUs also almost always use multi threading technologies such as Intel’s Hyper Threading to handle heavy workloads more efficiently in real time.

GPU: A workstation can have a discrete GPU like a gaming PC, or an integrated GPU that’s built into the CPU. Discrete graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA Quadro series, are generally recommended for anyone with a heavy visual workload, such as animators, video editors, and CAD users. Integrated GPUs, however, usually offer plenty of power for data scientists and other users with less graphically intensive workflows.

Form Factor: Since workstation desktops use powerful components that often generate a high thermal load, many are on the larger side - but definitely not all. Many compact workstation models are now available that provide pro level performance with a small form factor.

RAM: Any modern workstation computer will come with at least 16GB DDR4 RAM, and many models offer 32GB or even 64GB. In addition, it is increasingly common to see the latest DDR5 RAM modules in workstation PCs, and most also offer extra RAM slots for those who might want to upgrade later.

Solid State Drive: A speedy 512GB SSD is standard on any modern workstation PC, although many models include a 1TB drive or larger. Most also offer plenty of space on their motherboards for adding extra drives or upgrading existing storage solutions.

ISV Certification: It is critically important that workstations offer excellent compatibility with common software products. That is why most workstation buyers look for an independent software vendor or ISV certification. This certification confirms that the computer has been tested for great performance and functionality with leading desktop applications.

Shop Micro Center’s selection of PC workstations here and find the best deals on high performance desktops for your application. Looking for a mobile workstation option? We also offer a variety of laptop workstations for pros on the go.

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