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ASUS G2 Max. Rog G-SYNC X GeForce. Max out your gameplay.
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Selecting a Computer Monitor

All desktops require an external monitor to function. Computer monitors, like PCs, come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect PC monitor can help take your computer experience to the next level. Whether you are looking for a high resolution external monitor to make your home office more ergonomic or you want a premium option to make gaming more robust, Micro Center has the computer monitor you need to boost productivity and enjoyment when you are using your computer.

Finding Your New Monitor for Work and Play

Gaming monitors are specialized displays designed to have the lowest response times possible to stay ahead of the competition. PC monitors for office use may have slower response times but are more affordable and capable of performing general use tasks to improve productivity, viewing angles, and more.

At Micro Center, we proudly offer the best monitors for gamers, creatives, and more to help boost connectivity and the viewing experience with your Apple or PC computer. Discover your new high def LED, IPS, or LCD monitor here.

Be sure to explore the interface options to ensure that you have the right connectivity for your unique needs. We have a huge variety of HDMI and DisplayPort options to help you make the most out of your hardware and make setting things up a breeze. You will also find USB C and VGA interface options here.

The Best Monitors for Gamers and Entertainment

As a gamer, you still want your full HD computer screen to be height adjustable and high resolution, but you may want a few additional features to make gameplay more enjoyable and to make the most use out of your PC’s graphics card. For example, you want premium color accuracy, fast refresh rates, high contrast ratio, and the best image quality to ensure that you enjoy the gaming experience.

Resolution is important to choosing a monitor for gaming or enjoying streaming media with the best picture. Go for a 4K ultra high definition (4K UHD) or 8K monitor if you want the best resolution possible. With more than 8 million pixels, a UHD monitor will undoubtedly enhance the visuals of any gaming or video streaming experience. Ultrawide monitors are also great for creating cinematic viewing angles and making you feel like you’re in the theatre.

Additionally, gaming monitors have features that make them work better with your gaming PC. For example, the Nvidia G Sync or AMD FreeSync are used in some gaming monitors to provide a smoother refresh rate to make gameplay smoother and more enjoyable overall. Our selection of FreeSync and G Sync compatible monitors will help you maximize performance of your Nvidia or AMD graphics card.

Monitors from the Best Brands

Computer monitors are available from all the name brands such as Acer, Samsung, Dell, HP, and ASUS. Dell monitors are a popular choice among many offices and professionals because of their wide range of screen sizes and features. No matter if you are looking for a comfortable widescreen option for your home office or a gaming monitor with special features from Nvidia and AMD, Micro Center has the HD monitor you need!

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